Citation Jet 3

Say Hello to the Citation Jet 3

Citation Jet 3

The Cessna Citation Jet 3 was flown for the first time in 2003 as an upgrade to already popular Citation Jet 2. It is the sixth generation of the popular Citation Jet series. With a number of enhancements, this light jet is extremely popular amongst private fliers looking for an economical, reliable and high-performing aircraft.

The Citation Jet 3 (CJ3) was designed for mid-range trips, able to travel 1518 statute miles (or about five hours) before needing a fuel stop. The CJ3 cruises at average speeds of 480 mph and offers
impressive short runway capabilities, allowing it to be chartered in and out of smaller airports closer to your destination.

Citation Jet 3+

This jet is incredibly fuel-efficient due in large part to the Williams/Rolls-Royce FJ44-3A turbofan engines that provide 480 lbs. more thrust at takeoff than the Citation Jet 2. Another
contributing factor to the improved fuel economy is the use of
natural laminar flow wings which improve overall lift-to-drag
performance and smooth landing gear which also contributes to lower fuel consumption.

Citation Jet 3

When it comes to cabin comforts, the CJ3’s cabin sits six passengers comfortably, has multiple outlets for all of your electronic devices, writing tables to allow for productivity in flight, a lavatory, and a small internal baggage compartment that can be accessed while
flying. The cabin measures 16′ 1″ in length, 4′ 10″ in height and 4′ 10″ in width. The external baggage space in the Citation Jet 3 is
generous at 70 cubic feet and can hold several pieces of luggage.

Citation Jet 3+

CJ3s are well liked by passengers and pilots alike for their
reputation of superior performance, reliability, and affordability.

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