The Road Show

Sooner or later you need to be in several places at the same time. Portfolio company, plant and branch location site visits, investor and M&A discussions are just a few of the reasons you may need to schedule a road trip.

Why fly privately? There are many reasons to FlyPrivate. Here are the most compelling:

1. Save time…AND make money. 

We routinely take 5-day commercial itineraries and reduce them to 2 or 3 days. This not only saves time but adds back days of
productivity. The value of your time or an executive team’s can easily exceed $19,000 per day. This savings of travel time, replaced with
increased days of productivity, more than pays for the investment in a private charter.

2. Privacy and Security

Most M&A, IPO, and other investor discussions have a need for
privacy. It can pay big dividends to move as invisibly as possible. Use of a private unmarked aircraft to a private airfield will not broadcast your arrival and departure. The private aircraft itself can be used as a secure conference room allowing for additional planning and preparation. If you need enroute, pre or post-meeting
communication, ask about aircraft with Wi-Fi capability.

3. Schedule Flexibility

Some of the most critical elements to your trip are highly
unpredictable. Whether it is last minute news, availability of a
principal, lab results, or the development of a prototype, meeting times can change. Use of private aviation allows you to revise an
itinerary to suit your agenda. This type of adaptability could be the added measure to achieve success.

4. Health

As anyone who spends a prolonged period of time on the road can attest, traveling comes with inherent health concerns. Commercial airliners, terminal lavatories, armrests, drinking fountains, and
escalators handrails consistently rank as some of the most germ
infested public areas. Reducing exposure to these areas helps to promote better health, energy and productivity for you and your team.

At FlyPrivate we are road show experts. Benefit from our national aircraft options and logistical experience and make your next road trip pay big dividends.

Our service is “pay as you fly”, there is no membership to join.

Please contact us with the details for your next potential road trip.

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