Learjet 70

An Inside Look at the Learjet 70

Learjet 70

(Photo credits: Bombardier.com)

In 2012, Bombardier announced development of a new light
business jet
. The Learjet 70 received FAA Certification by 2013 and flew its first flight in 2014. The Learjet 70 is an enhanced version of the Learjet 40, offering notable upgrades to its predecessor. Learjets have always been synonymous with best-in-class business jets, so it is no surprise the Learjet 70 continues to fulfill that legacy.

The Learjet 70’s performance capabilities are quite impressive. With a range of 2371 statute miles and the capability to reach speeds of 534 mph, this jet can travel to more destinations without a fuel stop.
Another impressive feature of this aircraft is its ability to quickly reach high altitudes above the weather, offering a smoother flying experience for passengers. With precise landing gear, this jet can comfortably handle shorter runways with ease. Powerful engines and a new winglet design are just a few examples of advancements that make the Learjet 70 a great choice for charter.

Learjet 70 interior

The cabin of the Learjet 70 measures 17′ 8″ in length, 4′ 11″ in height, and 5′ 1″ in width. This aircraft comfortably seats 6-7
passengers, has stunning interior details and offers all of the
technology needed to conduct business in the sky.  The wider cabin makes for a more relaxing flight with ample legroom to stretch out and relax. Executive tables and pop-up monitors in the forward club section offer passengers a comfortable work environment. In
addition, the Learjet 70 has a redesigned galley with more work and storage space for meal service. There is also an aft lavatory on board with a sink and vanity mirror. The Learjet 70 has an external baggage compartment that provides 50 cubic feet of baggage space and
another 15 cubic feet of internal storage. The Learjet 70 truly
embodies the next generation of light business jets.

Learjet 70

Pilots are equally as impressed with the Learjet 70. According to Bombardier, “The Bombardier Learjet 70 business jet offers industry leading avionics that ensure superior value and a superlative pilot
experience in all phases of flight. The result is a spacious, well-organized setting for maximum pilot productivity, safety, and convenience. Everything pilots need to know while flying – data, instruments, systems, avionics functions, maps, and weather – is in view and at their fingertips.”

Learjet 70

If the Learjet 70 sounds like the right jet for your next flight, please contact us. We’d love to talk to you about your trip and provide you with a complimentary flight quote.

Learjet 70 Aircraft Specs

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