Experience the Smooth and Speedy Lear 60

The Bombardier Learjet 60 received FAA certification in 1993 as an improved version of the Learjet 55. The Learjet 60 has a longer
fuselage than the Learjet 55 and also contains more powerful
engines and several improvements that make it more aerodynamic than its predecessor. The Learjet 60  was designed with an all-new inboard wing cuff, an all-new wing-to-body fairing, and a new engine pylon to accommodate the new turbofan engines.

The Learjet 60 is renowned for its performance. At max weight, this jet can climb to 43,000 feet in less than 14 minutes. The Learjet 60 is also noted for it’s ability to climb quickly to high cruise levels at fast cruise speeds. It has a transcontinental range of 2,453 sm and once at cruise level, it can reach speeds of up to 502 mph. It is not only a very reliable jet, but it is also an economical option compared to other aircraft in the midsize jet class and more comparable to many light jets as far as fuel consumption.

The cabin of the Learjet 60 is the largest in the Learjet family.
Typically able to hold 7-8 passengers, the cabin is very spacious with amenities like fold-out work tables, a radio phone, microwave, and coffee maker, amongst others. The Learjet 60 has an external
baggage compartment that provides 24 cubic feet of baggage space and another 24 cubic feet of internal storage.

Passengers love the Learjet 60 because it offers smoother flights, even when flying through turbulence. The nosewheel steering
system allow for better ground handling, and stronger wheel brakes help with landings and ground control.

Production of the Learjet 60 ended in 2007 when Bombardier
introduced the current Learjet 60XR model. It is an improved
version of the 60, offering more efficient use of the interior space. It is also the first to use PW305 turbofan engines instead of
General Electric engine models, helping it excel in performance
compared to its competitors. The 60XR also features many design improvements over previous Learjets including: a digital
steer-by-wire nosewheel, drag-reducing winglets, and a heated windshield, just to name a few.

Both the Learjet 60 and Learjet 60XR are great options for anyone looking for a cost-effective midsize jet that offers exceptional

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Learjet 60 Specifications

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