Thank you to all of our customers who have taken the time to write us a testimonial regarding your private jet charter experience with FlyPrivate. We greatly appreciate the feedback and look forward to continuing to be of service in the future.

“Thanks again for the two upgrades on the trip. I really appreciate it since it made the trip much more comfortable for my wife and her new knee replacements.”
“One of my friends who is flying with Flight Options said ‘We don’t get this sort of treatment!'”

“Thanks for the great service with our flight back from Dallas following the Buckeye Victory!  All went smooth as expected. Really appreciate everything.”

“We had been fractional owners for the past four years. By using your service we have been able to eliminate the upfront capital commitment and the recurring monthly charges in fractional ownership. Our savings will be almost $1 million dollars which we have invested in increased production facilities.”

“Thank you very much for the excellent service and handling of our friends.  They are happy to be home in Dallas.  I appreciate the upgrade and they appreciated the crew and delicious breakfast.  Thanks again.”
“We’ve looked into membership a couple of times but we decided no because of the number of times the executives would use it and the cost.”
“They do what they say they will do. Our passengers are perfectly happy. It is a seamless experience.”
“I think they are fantastic.  My boss is in the air all the time.  All I do is pick up the phone and call, it’s very easy.”
“FlyPrivate might be smaller. We used to use Delta Air Elite. They didn’t respond right away and their system is more complicated.  As long as it’s easy for me that’s all I care about.”
“I call and they show up.  They show up on time.  There are no issues there.  Sometimes NetJets would overbook and be late.”
“I wouldn’t use NetJets anymore now that I know what is involved with FlyPrivate.”
“I kind of like the fact that with FlyPrivate, they are as good as their last flight.  I don’t have money tied up.  I can change should service start to wane.  I absolutely had that experience with NetJets.  They oversold their Marquis card and I was never getting the plane I wanted.”
“I wanted to make sure that you knew that on this past trip that was scheduled for my executive team., he was very impressed with the pilot and co-pilot.  He said that these two gentlemen were the best he had ever had!  I wanted to make sure you knew this; sometimes the only correspondence you receive is when there is a problem.  Thank you, again.”

“Just wanted to let you know that the family definitely enjoyed their trips on FlyPrivate!  I ended up not flying but driving since I realized just how much luggage and gifts we would have, but am so thankful that the rest of my family was able to make the trip from Birmingham to Naples in under 2 hours!”

“Thanks so much for all your help.  You always make this such a pleasant and painless experience for us.”

“I have very much enjoyed working with you.  My experience working with you and FlyPrivate has been exceptional.”

“I just wanted to take a moment to tell you what terrific pilots I had yesterday. They couldn’t have been nicer and they did a great job landing in some difficult weather conditions. Eighty percent of the flights cancelled into O’Hare and there were many aborted attempts at landing. I am grateful that I had such a competent and nice team. My thanks to both of them and you.”


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